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It gives you the added diagnostics and functions like a power meter. It will track your power usage too. The SoftStartUp Mobile App allows you the RV owner to monitorelectrical power usage. Because it shows both “real time” and totalusage, this app helps the RV owner not only monitor how much power is being used, but it can also help determine if any specific appliance may be causing interrupted power issues. The app measures:

• Current (Amps)
• Voltage (Volts)
• Resettable Energy (kW/h)
• Non-resettable Energy (kW/h)

If an RV owner wants to compare power use at different locations, the Re-Settable Energy function lets the RVer record the power used at one location before resetting the SoftStartUp to use at the next location.

Go to the Apple App Store or Android App Store. See this video for an easy explanation on how to download: 

Yes. Your SoftStartUp will function perfectly without the mobile app. The mobile app just provides additional insights to your unit but is not necessary for the SoftStartUp to function.

The app does not communicate with the SoftStartUp via Wi-Fi. It uses Bluetooth technology.

The mobile app uses a Bluetooth connection to communicate with your SoftStartUp, so you will need to be within 15-25 feet when setting up the app to communicate with the SoftStartUp.

It monitors current. If you get an over-current, it will notify you that you had an over current. If you had over voltage, it’ll notify you, that you had over voltage. It incorporates an auto-restart for certain alarms, like over voltage, under voltage, over current. The product will wait three minutes and then try again.

When you tap on the Bluetooth screen, you will see the option “Add Device”. After you tap that option, the app will search for bluetooth devices titled “SoftStartUp”. 

Once you see your SSUP device listed, tap that device, and then follow the prompt to enter the corresponding device key

The device key is printed on the bottom of the SSUP on a sticker containing the QR code. Next to the barcode, it will clearly list the unique 8-digit key needed to connect the device.

We recommend using your phone to grab the pass key, and then copy and paste that key into the app for accurate characters.

Watch this video for an easy explanation: https://youtu.be/4U_k5gS_5ZI

If you lose your passcode there are ways we can generate a new passcode  based on your M.A.C. address. Just fill out a support ticket and we’ll contact you to resolve the issue.

On the backside of the SoftStartUP device, you will find a label. The top line of the label give the device’s MAC address. [The MAC address is the device name displayed in the smartphone app.] Every SoftStartUP has its own MAC address. The second line of information you will see on the SoftStartUP label sticker is the Key, which is the ‘password’ to connect to a MAC address. But, mistaking an ‘I’ for an ‘l’, which is very common and nothing to worry about, will lead to an error message claiming “incorrect password.” If you encounter this problem, all you have to do is use your smartphone’s camera (third-party QR code-reading app for some phones) and view the QR code on the left side of the SoftStartUP’s label. A window will pop open with the Password Key, and then all you have to do is copy and paste. 

This is counting how many loads the soft start has started. Meaning each time the AC cycles on it will count it. It resets back to 0 when it get unplugged or losses power.


Ok means the surge protection is not damaged and is available. If the surge protection is blown from a surge it will say “Not OK”

The safety mode is basically the shutdown or turn-off of the output.

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SSUP Comparison Matrix - Mar 4 2022

Read what our customers are saying!

Suzannah Hinton, Hinton The Trail
This is an even more superior product.
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We were already impressed with the original soft start [SoftStartRV], because we have it on both of our air conditioners and it really makes a difference with the noise and how it starts up…Normally when the bedroom air conditioning comes on, it’s really loud. [With the SoftStartUp] I didn’t even hear it. This is an even more superior product.
Wes Koshoffer, Full Time RVer
Loved built in surge protector
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One of the other things that I really found great about this [SoftStartUp] unit was built-in surge protection, and when the air conditioners were kicking on and off as the compressors cycled, it was noticeably quieter and you could tell that the power draw was just an awful lot less, which is better in general for the electrical circuitry and for the rig.
Chris Hinton, Hinton The Trail
They have given us the ability to RV in ways that we could not before
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We have used the SoftStartRV for a year and a half. And now the SoftStartUp for the last four plus months. And they just work. They have given us the ability to RV in ways that we could not before, whether that's in low power conditions or just getting to use it with a generator….These are all things that we couldn't even think of when we first started RVing and SoftStartRV, and now the SoftStartUp, have changed all of that for us.
Chris Hinton, Hinton The Trail
It ran Perfectly!
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We set up the SoftStartUp on the generator and we started on the first air conditioner, it worked. Added the second [air conditioner]. And then we went to the refrigerator. And then the water heater. And we were still able to run it. And then we switched over to propane…It still ran perfectly.
Wes Koshoffer, Full Time RVer
I couldn't be more pleased
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I couldn't be more pleased with the idea that I can run dual air conditioning units and miscellaneous loads on 30 amp service in this RV.
Wes Koshoffer, Full Time RVer
Was able to run dual ACs and other items
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I live here in my Rockwood Signature Ultralight fifth wheel…One of the challenges that I have is it's only a 30 amp service, and so in the summer months we really struggle to keep it cool with a single AC. I recently installed a second air conditioner. I was told you can't run dual AC on 30 amp service…That is until I tested out this SoftStartUp. We were able to run not only dual air conditioners off of this SoftStartUp plugged in line with my power cord, but a couple of other loads at the same time
Christ Hinton, Hinton The Trail
And we really believe that they can change it for you as well.
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We actually went RVing for three plus straight months and with one hundred degree temps. We also Boondocked for four straight weeks in Key West and 80 degree temps running our air conditioner with our generator. We've mooched docked at friends' houses using the 15-amp power plug and have been able to run our air conditioners. These are all things that we couldn't even think of when we first started RVing and SoftStartRV, and now the SoftStartUp, have changed all of that for us. And we really believe that they can change it for you as well.