SoftStartUSA Launches New Industry-First Product: SoftStartUp

SoftStartUSA Launches New Industry-First Product: SoftStartUp

Eliminate Low-Power RV A/C Start Issues & Protect Against Power Surge Damage

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – The new SoftStartUp™ All-in-One Soft Starter and Surge Protector from SoftStartUSA solves two of the biggest problems in RV power management – starting rooftop air conditioners without shutting down the power source due to an overload, and surge protection from outside power sources.

Introducing Easy-to-Use, Easy-to-Install SoftStartUp™

Now, a breakthrough in RV electric power control and monitoring – the SoftStartUp All-in-One Soft Start and Surge Protector – gives RV owners the most advanced, easiest-to-use power management tool that solves their biggest RV power problems with ONE convenient product.

Previously, RV owners would have to install a “soft start” device directly on each A/C unit, and plug a separate surge protector into the campground or other power source. The new SoftStartUp all-in-one unit combines those vital power management capabilities into a single plug & play unit.

According to Doug Curtis, founding partner of SoftStartUSA, the result of greatly reducing the inrush current is that it levels the power draw from the backup power source. “An RV, home or business is able to use their air-conditioning – which usually requires a big energy demand at startup – along with other daily conveniences without interruption by using a SoftStartUp” said Curtis. “It will work with virtually any RV power pole, backup electrical power source, be it a portable generator, permanent generator or solar backup, to keep power demand flowing more evenly.”

Achieve Cool, Continuous Air-Conditioned RV Comfort with Low Power

SoftStartUp starts and runs one A/C unit on a small 2500-watt lightweight generator without shutting down.
SoftStartUp starts two A/Cs  on a 30-amp hookup while operating more appliances than you could without a soft start unit

SoftStartUp starts one RV A/C even when connected to 15-amp household power.

Virtually no matter what your A/C system is, a SoftStartUp will let you enjoy more home-like comforts than you ever thought possible. 

Its soft start circuitry sharply reduces A/C starting inrush current to enable smooth, quiet startups while other appliances are running. In addition, the lower energy startups extend the life of A/C compressors by reducing heat buildup in the windings. 

And through exclusive and innovative engineering at SoftStartUSA, the “plug & play” SoftStartUp design means no additional wiring or installation is needed. Just plug it into the main power supply, plug your RV into the SoftStartUp, and you’re off and running all the appliances you need while keeping the RV cool.

Power Up More Appliances

Because SoftStartUp cuts the inrush current of all “hard-starting” appliances by 50% (such as air conditioners, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc.), the RV’s main power won’t trip off when these appliances start while others are operating. Water heaters, coffeemakers, lights, hair dryers and entertainment centers will keep running because of SoftStartUp’s unmatched 30-amp power management technology.

SoftStartUp sharply reduces A/C starting inrush current to enable smooth, quiet startups while other appliances are running. Its super-easy “plug & play” operation makes it the ultimate solution for A/C power management.

Rely on Total RV Surge Protection and Power Monitoring

Nobody knows when lightning or any other electrical disaster may strike. But RVers know that when it hits an unprotected RV, that disaster can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair costs.

To prepare RVers for such calamities, the SoftStartUp module features a built-in surge protector that handles up to 2100 joules. Without having to buy a separate surge protector, SoftStartUp offers RVers as much protection as possible to help you avoid potential electrical damage. 

As important as surge protection is in safeguarding your entire RV, the SoftStartUp also includes power monitoring technology that lets you easily track and evaluate power usage through a mobile app. Its diagnostic circuitry protects an RV’s electrical system by automatically checking for properly powered outlets. 

Other benefits include current overload protection, under voltage protection, and recording total usage – all to assure that you have all the information you need for complete RV electrical power management.

Avoid Two RV Power Problems

A/C Power Interruption – Especially at start-up, an A/C that normally runs on 12-13 amps can require a spike of 61 STARTING amps to get going. If there is not enough power to handle A/C start-up and run other appliances, you can lose power to everything.

Surge Protection – When an RV is connected to campground, household or other electrical service, the RV is subject to unexpected surges that can occur due to utility provider issues, weather, or other circumstances. As a result, many RVs can be one power surge or lightning strike away from an expensive trip to the appliance replacement store.

Previous remedies for these two issues included multiple devices: larger generators or A/C add-on products to increase or alter the power needed to start air conditioning; and a surge arrestor to protect against electrical power surges. 

In the case of most any A/C soft start product, this also required additional time and expense of wiring and installing the device on the RV rooftop. 

Through world-class innovation and engineering, the new SoftStartUp all-in-one soft starter and surge protector solves all these issues with the industry’s only complete “plug & play” solution.

As Easy As Plugging In A Hair Dryer

With the breakthrough, all-in-one SoftStartUp Soft Start and Surge Protector, there is no easier way to eliminate low-power RV A/C starting problems AND protect and manage the RV’s electrical system and appliances. Do it all in one game-changing play – with SoftStartUp.

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