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Our Unique SoftStartUp For RVs Lets You…

  • Power Up Your A/C Without Any Rooftop Soft Start Installation!
  • Start & Run One Air Conditioner On A 20-Amp Household Hookup
  • Built-In Surge Protection 2100 Joules
    *The SoftStartUp will get you started on low power, provided that there is sufficient power available to carry the load. See our FAQ for table of electric “loads” of various appliances.


  • Provides 1000 watts continuous, 2000 watts surge standard household AC power
  • Our Flagship model, weekend special has everything you need to get started.
  • Our “trade up” program lets you upgrade to a larger model anytime within two years, pay just the cost difference
  • Fast shipping to USA and Canada.  Designed and made in Canada.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you don’t like this product, you can return it within two months, 60 days for a full refund.
  • Easily Sets Up Right Out Of The Box

  • Specially designed, engineered and tested for many RVs: Motor homes, 5th wheel campers, travel trailers, toy haulers, truck campers, vans, and tiny trailers that typically use 30-Amp Power

  • Reduces startup power demand up to 50% or more

  • Just 18”x4”x3” and weighs just under 2 pounds.

  • Built-in Surge Protection 2100 Joules

  • Ships From Florida

  • Assembled in USA

  • Patent Pending

CarGenerator Specifications

All the CarGenerator models share the same specifications as follows:


  • Pure Sine wave commercial grade inverter, 60 Hz, less than 3% THD
  • High efficiency power conversion >90% efficient.
  • Runtime with standard vehicle: 50-80 hours continuous
  • Low harmonic distortion and no static or humming noise
  • Can safely run tools, air pumps, small motors, furnace blower motors, refrigerators that a cheaper modified sine wave inverter cannot
  • Weatherproof yet fully ventilated and patented housing, Rainproof, Snow, Ice Integrated high temperature engine-safe jumper-style cables, length 7ft TPE cable jacket for extra heat resistance and oil grease etc
  • Jumper cables professionally manufactured in USA solid strand pure copper cables over-engineered to carry full current safely
  • Computer regulated overload safety protection with LED light and audible alarm
  • Short-circuit shutdown protection for electronic equipment. High-speed ventilation fan to keep inverter running at a safe temperature
  • Includes multiple 110-volt AC outlets Includes a separate digital Watt meter to display measure of your appliances and loads.
  • Integrated waterproof 12v LED voltmeter on front of the unit, to help users ensure to stay above 13.3volts and within alternator capacity
  • Built in rubber pad to prevent scratching of front of vehicle Built in adjustable strap to fit most vehicles and adjust to different situations
  • Integrated carry handle provides heat ventilation output, carrying handle, and security lock point to secure with a standard cable lock if desired

Read what our customers are saying!

Suzannah Hinton, Hinton The Trail
This is an even more superior product.
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We were already impressed with the original soft start [SoftStartRV], because we have it on both of our air conditioners and it really makes a difference with the noise and how it starts up…Normally when the bedroom air conditioning comes on, it’s really loud. [With the SoftStartUp] I didn’t even hear it. This is an even more superior product.
Wes Koshoffer, Full Time RVer
Loved built in surge protector
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One of the other things that I really found great about this [SoftStartUp] unit was built-in surge protection, and when the air conditioners were kicking on and off as the compressors cycled, it was noticeably quieter and you could tell that the power draw was just an awful lot less, which is better in general for the electrical circuitry and for the rig.
Chris Hinton, Hinton The Trail
They have given us the ability to RV in ways that we could not before
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We have used the SoftStartRV for a year and a half. And now the SoftStartUp for the last four plus months. And they just work. They have given us the ability to RV in ways that we could not before, whether that's in low power conditions or just getting to use it with a generator….These are all things that we couldn't even think of when we first started RVing and SoftStartRV, and now the SoftStartUp, have changed all of that for us.
Chris Hinton, Hinton The Trail
It ran Perfectly!
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We set up the SoftStartUp on the generator and we started on the first air conditioner, it worked. Added the second [air conditioner]. And then we went to the refrigerator. And then the water heater. And we were still able to run it. And then we switched over to propane…It still ran perfectly.
Wes Koshoffer, Full Time RVer
I couldn't be more pleased
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I couldn't be more pleased with the idea that I can run dual air conditioning units and miscellaneous loads on 30 amp service in this RV.
Wes Koshoffer, Full Time RVer
Was able to run dual ACs and other items
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I live here in my Rockwood Signature Ultralight fifth wheel…One of the challenges that I have is it's only a 30 amp service, and so in the summer months we really struggle to keep it cool with a single AC. I recently installed a second air conditioner. I was told you can't run dual AC on 30 amp service…That is until I tested out this SoftStartUp. We were able to run not only dual air conditioners off of this SoftStartUp plugged in line with my power cord, but a couple of other loads at the same time
Christ Hinton, Hinton The Trail
And we really believe that they can change it for you as well.
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We actually went RVing for three plus straight months and with one hundred degree temps. We also Boondocked for four straight weeks in Key West and 80 degree temps running our air conditioner with our generator. We've mooched docked at friends' houses using the 15-amp power plug and have been able to run our air conditioners. These are all things that we couldn't even think of when we first started RVing and SoftStartRV, and now the SoftStartUp, have changed all of that for us. And we really believe that they can change it for you as well.