SoftStartUp™ Disclaimer

Thank You For Choosing The SoftStartUp™!

We appreciate your business, and we want to ensure you get the results you are looking for. 
Please read the few bullet points below to understand clearly what the device will – and will not do. 
1) The SoftStartUp™ DOES NOT produce power by itself.  
Think of SoftStartUp™ like a starter motor in your vehicle. 
It starts your engine, then steps aside until the next time it’s needed.  
2) The SoftStartUp™ DOES NOT increase power
    • It DECREASES the starting power needed by your A/Cs and appliances, so they no longer need the sudden inrush of current to get started.
    • Once your A/Cs and appliances start, they will continue running – so long as there is a continuous flow of power from your generator or pedestal – NOT the SoftStartUp™.
    • 3) The SoftStartUp™ helps almost anything with a motor to start under relatively low power.
    • It maxes out at 50-Amps per leg. 
    • It will work on a 30-Amp pedestal. But, you’ll get only 30-Amps from that 30-Amp pedestal.
    • The SoftStartUp™ will not increase the amps from a 30-amp pedestal to 50-Amps.

      Some Examples Of What We Mean:
If you have small generators like a Honda 2200 or Predator 2000, the SoftStartUp™ will not perform “miracles” when coupled with the low amount of power from these machines. 
It may help to START your A/C, and START your fridge.
But, it’s possible that the generator may cut out after starting, due to a lack of RUNNING power from a 2,000-watt class machine.
Why this happens:
Most 3,000-watt generators are not rated to 3,000 watts of CONTINUOUS power
Generator manufacturers tend to rate their products for “PEAK” watts, which will help SoftStartUp™ get two rooftop air conditioners started. 
But depending on other loads you may have turned on (like an electric water heater or residential refrigerator), the generator may run out of continuous power in a few minutes and shut down. 
The SoftStartUp™ will get most appliances and A/Cs started.
But, the A/Cs and appliances won’t continue to run if you need MORE POWER from your generator than it can provide.
Please be aware of this. 
Finding The Ideal Soft Start Device For Your Situation
A SoftStartUp™ is ideal for these situations:
  •  If you spend most of your time at sea level – or less than 1,000 feet elevation – with a relatively small generator, and you want to start your A/C.
  • If you want to start and run a 15K BTU A/C on a small generator, or a pair of A/Cs on a 3,000-watt generator, and you don’t have other heavy electrical loads in your RV.
However, in the following situation, the SoftStartUp™ cannot make up for the lack of power being produced: 
  •  You have a Honda 2200 and want to run 2 A/C’s, your refrigerator, freezer, hair dryer, coffee pot and microwave simultaneously… at 4,000 feet elevation.  
Low Power Recommendation:
If you have a 2000-watt generator, and SoftStartUp™ can’t get all your appliances running at the same time, consider getting a SoftStartRV™.
Hard wire it into your A/C on the rooftop, and it will handle the start-up of your A/C.
Then find another source of power for those appliances that are heavier electrical loads.

PLEASE DO NOT BUY a SoftStartUp if:

1. You have a Coleman 13.5 BTU A/C. Our engineering team is finalizing the software for this model A/C.
SoftStartUp works fine with ALL other A/C units. If you’d like to be notified when this 13.5 BTU Coleman is available email

2. You have a Class A rig and want to use an onboard generator. Our engineering team is currently developing the SoftStartUp design for a Class A rig with an onboard generator.  It works fine with a pedestal. 
If you’d like to be notified when this on-board generator version is available email