Eliminate Low-Power A/C Start-up Problems in Your RV

Soft Starter For A/Cs and Surge Protection for RVs

Manages up to 30-amp connection: Click here for Appliance Amp Chart

The SoftStartUp™ Soft Starter & Surge Protector

An innovative breakthrough in powering your RV, the SoftStartUp device solves two of the biggest problems in RVs: low-power A/C startups and whole-RV surge protection.

Key Benefits

Features & benefits

Venture into national parks and remote campgrounds knowing your family and friends can stay comfortable. Never worry about a start-up power spike preventing you from using RV appliances while you’re boondocking, moochdocking or resort camping!

Mobile app monitoring

The SoftStart Mobile App allows you to monitor electrical power usage in real-time and tracks total usage to date. It helps the RV owner determine if any specific appliance may be causing interrupted power issues by measuring:

Installation & operation

Plug the unit into a 30-amp power source
Allow the self-diagnostic function to check the power source:
Power source is correctly wired and safe to use.
Pedestal power – Hot/neutral are reversed. Generator power – Bonding plug is needed (bonding plug available separately).
Hot/ground are reversed.
After 45-60 seconds, the green Output LED on the receptacle will indicate there is “live” power for the RV.
Connect RV power cord into SoftStartUp receptacle.
*Note: Some SoftStartUp units may not include a Green Output LED.

Performance details

Startup inrush current reduction capabilities
Sharply reduces start-up power demand of appliances that require a high inductive load at startup (such as air conditioners and microwave ovens). SoftStartUp reduces the startup power demand by up to 50%.
Power Management Capabilities
To calculate the appliances that can be run on a generator or other backup power source:

Amps x Volts = Watts

The following chart is a guide. Each appliance brand may be different. Review individual appliance data for exact amps/watts.

Buy now & save $300

All-In-One Soft Start and Surge Protector for RVs

Every SoftStartUp Comes With:


Includes 15-amp plup-in adapter to
power from a household connection

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