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Performance and Benefits

A: The SoftStartUp is an electrical soft start device that helps to reduce the amount of power your appliances need when they start up. It’s especially good for things like air conditioners, refrigerators and microwaves that use a lot of power at startup.

A: If you’ve had issues with your A/C starting up, or other appliances shutting off when the A/C kicks in, then a SoftStartUp could be a big help. It smooths out the power demand so everything runs better together.

A: You should notice the benefits immediately after installation. When you start an appliance, there should be no more dimming lights or tripped breakers, showing that the SoftStartUp is doing its job right from the get-go.

A: Look at the LED indicators on your SoftStartUp unit after installation. Two steady green lights indicate a 50-amp service is being used, and a single green light indicates that a 30-amp source is being used. Also, you should notice a smoother start when turning on high-demand appliances, with no flickering lights or tripped breakers, indicating that the inrush current has been effectively managed.

A: If the LEDs are not lighting up, first check all connections to make sure they’re secure and correct. Also, verify that the campground power supply is functioning properly. If everything seems in order but the unit still isn’t working, contact our customer service for further assistance.

A: The SoftStartUp does not decrease the power used by your appliances during normal operation, which is actually beneficial. Each appliance has a specific running current necessary for proper function. The SoftStartUp specifically addresses the surge of power needed at startup, reducing its impact to ensure seamless operation of your devices on the same electrical circuit.

Resolving Air Conditioning Start-Up Issues

A: SoftStartUp effectively smooths-out power fluctuations, ensuring your RV’s air conditioner starts seamlessly without overloading your generator or campground power source and causing it to shut off.

A: With SoftStartUp connected to your generator, you can start your air conditioner effortlessly and also run many additional appliances without the need for a more powerful, more expensive and more cumbersome generator.

A: SoftStartUp ensures that your appliances use only the necessary amount of power during their initial startup.

A: No, but our SoftStartRV™ A/C soft starter is the solution for reducing startup noise.

Campground Power and Generator Compatibility

A: It is compatible with 110 volts and 220 volts AC power sources.

A: Yes! With SoftStartUp, you can start and run both air conditioning units without exceeding the capacity of your 30-amp hookup.

A: Yes, pairing SoftStartUp with a Honda EU2200i generator is sufficient to power even the most robust RV air conditioner.

A: Absolutely. SoftStartUp prevents your air conditioner from causing electrical spikes that could disrupt even large-scale generators.

A: No. Do not operate your generator in ECO mode with SoftStartUp because eco mode won’t allow you to start 2 A/Cs.


A: One of the best features of a SoftStartUp is that you DON’T have to install it on your rooftop A/C unit. Just plug it in to the campground power pedestal or your generator, plug your RV into the SoftStartUp, and it will reduce your A/C startup inrush AT THE PLUG. No climbing up on the roof and no complex wiring required!

A: Yes, SoftStartUp connects to both power sources.

A: SoftStartUp allows for extra electrical devices up to the remaining amp capacity after accounting for your air conditioner’s running power draw.

A: Yes. Plug the free 30-to-50-amp adapter into the 30-amp receptacle of the power pedestal. Then plug the SoftStartUp device into the other end of the free adapter. After the SoftStartUp LEDs light up to indicate available power, plug YOUR 50-to-30-amp dogbone adapter (which you probably already own) into the female connector of the SoftStartUp device to deliver power to the RV’s 30-amp power cable. (Some campgrounds have restrictions on using power adapters, so be sure to check ahead of your arrival).

A: Always connect your surge protector directly to the campground’s power supply pedestal first. This arrangement ensures all your electrical equipment, including the SoftStartUp unit, is safeguarded against any potential electrical issues originating from the source.

A: No special tools are required to install a SoftStartUp. It plugs directly into a 50-amp outlet, and it can also be used with a 30-amp outlet when connected to a 30-amp adapter cord. However, always read the installation guide to make sure it is connected between the power source and the RV in the proper sequence. NOTE: If the RV has a built-in EMS surge protector and is powered with a generator, you may need to install the generator’s bonding plug. See the generator instructions.

Other Compatibility Questions

A: Yes, the SoftStartUp is not limited to air conditioners; it effectively reduces the inrush current during startup for several other high-demand appliances within your RV, such as refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, and even laser printers.

A: Yes. When used alongside an already-installed SoftStartRV device on your RV’s A/C system, the SoftStartUp provides additional benefits. It further lessens the initial power demands of your air conditioning unit upon startup, as well as those of other appliances not linked to the A/C. This synergy allows you to operate multiple devices simultaneously more reliably without the worry of tripping breakers due to high startup power demands.

A: Yes, it is compatible with RV refrigeration systems as well.

A: Yes, it works effectively with heat pumps on both heating and cooling modes.

A: No, and in reality, that is a good thing. It’s important to understand that the SoftStartUp does not have any effect on the steady-state running current of a rooftop air conditioner or any other appliance. That is the power that each device is required to use to operate correctly. The SoftStartUp affects only the “startup” power by smoothing it out so as not to interrupt the performance of other appliances and devices that are connected to the same electrical circuit.

A: Yes, this is confirmed by Mike Sokol, our RV electrical expert also known as Mr. RV Electricity.

Additional Performance Information

A: Yes, you can. The SoftStartUp is portable and can be moved between RVs. Just make sure to safely disconnect it from one vehicle before moving it to another, and follow the proper installation process each time to ensure optimal function.

A: Yes, SoftStartUp can integrate with solar-powered systems that include an inverter. It will manage the inrush current for appliances just as it does with shore or generator power. Be sure that your solar system has enough capacity to handle the demands of your appliances, even with the aid of SoftStartUp.

SoftStartUp works well with both generator and shore power. It manages the startup current no matter the source. When using a generator, just be sure the generator can handle the total power needs of your RV, including the initial A/C surge that SoftStartUp will help to minimize.

A: Most of the time, yes. SoftStartUp is made to work with a wide range of RV air conditioners whether they are rooftop units or indoor/portable models.

A: SoftStartUp is mainly for RVs, but it can also be useful when using a 30 to 50-amp backup generator during a home power emergency. If you have home appliances that need a lot of power to start up, it could help with those. Just make sure it’s compatible before you try it.

A: Certainly! The SoftStartUp will handle harsh environments, including those found in marine applications. It’s built to resist moisture and salt air, ensuring reliable performance whether you’re docked at a marina or out on the open water. Just ensure it’s installed according to the instructions for optimal protection.

A: SoftStartUp is built to withstand adverse weather conditions, but it should not be submerged in water.

A: Yes it can. By reducing the big surge of power when your A/C starts, SoftStartUp helps avoid wear and tear on your air conditioner, which can make it last longer.

A: While SoftStartUp doesn’t directly lower your regular electric bill, it can help prevent problems that might cost you money, like damage to your A/C or other appliances because they started up too hard.

A: Absolutely! To make it work, first connect the provided 30-to-50-amp adapter to the campground’s 30-amp outlet. You can then plug your SoftStartUp device into this adapter. Once you see the LEDs on the SoftStartUp indicate power is present, use your own 50-to-30-amp “dogbone” adapter to connect the SoftStartUp to your RV’s 30-amp power cord.

Environmental Considerations and Maintenance

A: The SoftStartUp is designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures. However, extreme conditions can affect any electronic device. In very hot weather, try to keep it out of direct sunlight. In cold conditions, ensure that the unit is protected from freezing water which could damage the internal components.

A: The SoftStartUp performs well at various altitudes. However, keep in mind that appliances themselves might operate differently at high altitudes, so always check your appliance manuals for any specific altitude considerations.

A: If you have a surge protector installed before the SoftStartUp, it will protect your SoftStartUp and other appliances from sudden spikes in electricity from the campground.

A: While the SoftStartUp is not a voltage regulator, it will still manage the startup current effectively under most conditions. In case of a brownout or consistently low voltage, however, it’s important to monitor your appliances, as these conditions can be harmful to appliances over time.

A: The SoftStartUp is virtually maintenance-free. However, it’s wise to periodically check the connections for any signs of wear or corrosion, especially if you’re frequently in damp environments. Keeping the unit clean from dust and debris will also help maintain its longevity and ensure consistent performance.

Customer Support and Warranty

A: Verify that all connections are secure, especially when plugged into a campground power supply. If it’s connected to a generator, make sure that the generator’s voltage regulator is functioning properly.

A: Visit for comprehensive support and guidance.

A: Yes, we stand behind our product with a 90-day “Love It or Return It” satisfaction guarantee and a limited 1-year warranty. If you encounter any issues with the SoftStartUp within the warranty period, we’ll provide support to resolve the matter. Our goal is to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your purchase and experience the full benefits of smoother appliance startups in your RV.

Additional Questions

A: Yes, if they want to run a single air conditioner on a 20-amp home outlet, SoftStartUp will reduce the inrush current enough to help prevent circuit breaker tripping. They can use a 30-to-50 adapter plus a 15-to-30 adapter. Or just a 15 to 50-amp adapter.

A: You should plug the Hughes Autoformer into the pedestal, then the Hughes Watchdog, then SoftStartUp. Finally, plug the RV shore power cord into the SoftStartUp.

A: Yes, as long as they can install the proper connectors on the wiring inside of the RV compartment. But the SoftStartUp should be the final box in the power line.