SoftStartUp™ – The Only Plug & Play RV A/C Soft Start Controller Tested to Start and Run 2 A/C Units Plus Your Appliances on 30 and 50 Amp Power Sources.
It Works Right Out Of The Box.

This is How You Eliminate Low-Power A/C Start-Up Problems in Your RV.

SoftStartUp takes milliseconds to cut the amps needed to start multiple RV A/C units and appliances, extends your A/C compressor’s life, and controls the power in your RV with maximum efficiency.

Moments after opening your package, you will enjoy the benefits of having the world’s highest reviewed RV soft starter. There’s:

  • NO CLIMBING up your RV roof
  • NO OPENING up your A/C unit(s)
  • NO NEED to figure out the wiring and connections
  • NO PAYING a service center to install it for you

Just plug in your SoftStartUp™, and enjoy all the benefits instantly.

SoftStartUp™ Advanced RV A/C Soft Starter
Easy to install, Easy to Use.

An innovative breakthrough in powering your RV, the SoftStartUp soft starter works with either 50-amp or 30-amp power sources with features unlike any other soft starter today.

The only soft start device
proven to start 2 A/C
units on low power.

Smoother, reduced amperage A/C
startups extend A/C compressor life.

Instant comfort –
Just plug it in!

Compatible with and optimizes all RV power sources.

Experience Freedom in Complete Comfort with Unmatched
SoftStartUp™ Multi-Purpose Performance

Maximize Your Comfort. Start and Run More RV Appliances on Limited Power!

Features & Benefits

  • Starts 2 RV A/Cs on a 50-Amp or 30-Amp Power Pedestal
  • Starts 2 RV A/Cs on a 3000-Watt Generator
  • Starts 2 A/Cs with a 3000-Watt Solar Inverter
  • Starts 1 A/C on a 2200-Watt Generator
  • Starts 1 A/C on a 2000-Watt Solar Inverter
  • Starts Multiple RV Appliances Simultaneously
  • Plug-in Ready – No Installation or Wiring
  • Portable – Just Unplug It And Use On Another RV
  • Anti-Theft Locking Loop Secures Device to Power Source
  • Water- & Fire Resistant Case
  • Free 30-Amp to 50-amp Power Adapter
  • Designed and Assembled in USA
  • 1-Year Manufacturer’s Replacement Warranty
  • 90-Day Trial – Love It or Return It
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Shipping in the USA & Canada

Plug & Play For Easy Operation

The LEDs on the front of the SoftStartUp module
indicate the power status on each leg of the input.

  • Plug SoftStartUp into power supply.
  • Allow diagnostic function to check power source.
  • LED will flash to indicate that the voltage input is satisfactory.
  • If either LED flashes rapidly, undervoltage has been detected on that leg of the circuit.
  • It will continue flashing until normal voltage is restored.
    After normal power has been established, plug RV power cord into SoftStartUp receptacle.
  • If the RV requires 30-amp connection, use the 30-amp adapter that is included with the
    SoftStartUp unit.

Technical Specifications

 Model number:SSUP50
 Voltage:120V/240V, 50 Amps: 60 Hz
120V, 30 Amps: 60 Hz
Amp. Rating50 Amps
Power Consumption:< 1 Watt
Max. Ambient Temperature122ºF (50ºC)
 Dimensions:28.0”h x 6.37”w x 2.35”d (71 cm × 16 cm × 6 cm)
 Weight:2.5 lb. (1.13 kg)
  Warranty:One-year limited warranty (standard)
 In the Package:SoftStartUp soft start controller
50-amp to 30-amp adapter
Specifications are subject to change without notice. 


$1,295 Just $795 Buy Now and Save $500

SoftStartUp™ Advanced Plug & Play RV A/C Soft Starter

Every SoftStartUp comes with:

  • 50-amp to 30-amp adapter cable to use with 30-amp power sources
  • FREE 90-day “Love It or Return It” policy 
  • FREE Shipping In The USA (UPS) and Canada (Via DHL)
  • One-year warranty

Read what our customers are saying!

Suzannah Hinton, Hinton The Trail
This is an even more superior product.
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We were already impressed with the original soft start [SoftStartRV], because we have it on both of our air conditioners and it really makes a difference with the noise and how it starts up…Normally when the bedroom air conditioning comes on, it’s really loud. [With the SoftStartUp] I didn’t even hear it. This is an even more superior product.
Wes Koshoffer, Full Time RVer
Loved it
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One of the other things that I really found great about this [SoftStartUp] unit was the ease of use, and when the air conditioners were kicking on and off as the compressors cycled, it was noticeably quieter and you could tell that the power draw was just an awful lot less, which is better in general for the electrical circuitry and for the rig.
Chris Hinton, Hinton The Trail
They have given us the ability to RV in ways that we could not before
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We have used the SoftStartRV for a year and a half. And now the SoftStartUp for the last four plus months. And they just work. They have given us the ability to RV in ways that we could not before, whether that's in low power conditions or just getting to use it with a generator….These are all things that we couldn't even think of when we first started RVing and SoftStartRV, and now the SoftStartUp, have changed all of that for us.
Chris Hinton, Hinton The Trail
It ran Perfectly!
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We set up the SoftStartUp on the generator and we started on the first air conditioner, it worked. Added the second [air conditioner]. And then we went to the refrigerator. And then the water heater. And we were still able to run it. And then we switched over to propane…It still ran perfectly.
Wes Koshoffer, Full Time RVer
I couldn't be more pleased
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I couldn't be more pleased with the idea that I can run dual air conditioning units and miscellaneous loads on 30 amp service in this RV.
Wes Koshoffer, Full Time RVer
Was able to run dual ACs and other items
Read More
I live here in my Rockwood Signature Ultralight fifth wheel…One of the challenges that I have is it's only a 30 amp service, and so in the summer months we really struggle to keep it cool with a single AC. I recently installed a second air conditioner. I was told you can't run dual AC on 30 amp service…That is until I tested out this SoftStartUp. We were able to run not only dual air conditioners off of this SoftStartUp plugged in line with my power cord, but a couple of other loads at the same time
Christ Hinton, Hinton The Trail
And we really believe that they can change it for you as well.
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We actually went RVing for three plus straight months and with one hundred degree temps. We also Boondocked for four straight weeks in Key West and 80 degree temps running our air conditioner with our generator. We've mooched docked at friends' houses using the 15-amp power plug and have been able to run our air conditioners. These are all things that we couldn't even think of when we first started RVing and SoftStartRV, and now the SoftStartUp, have changed all of that for us. And we really believe that they can change it for you as well.

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Our team of seasoned professionals can help you with Tech Support, Installation Help, Troubleshooting, getting Wiring Diagrams for your specific RV A/C model, filling out Warranty information, or reviewing FAQs about our soft start products.