SoftStartUp™ – The Only Plug & Play RV A/C Soft Start Controller Proven To Start And Run 2 A/C Units Plus Your Appliances
On 30 And 50 Amp Power Sources.
Works Right Out Of The Box!

Regularly: $1295.  Limited Sale Price: $795. 

This is How You Eliminate Low-Power A/C Start-Up Problems in Your RV - The Easy Way

SoftStartUp™ takes milliseconds to cut the amps needed to start multiple RV A/C units and appliances, extends your A/C compressor’s life, and controls the power in your RV with maximum efficiency.

Moments after opening your package, you will enjoy the benefits of having the world’s highest reviewed RV soft starter without having to:

  • NO CLIMBING up your RV roof
  • NO OPENING up your A/C unit(s)
  • NO NEED to figure out the wiring and connections
  • NO PAYING a service center to install it for you.

Just plug in your SoftStartUp™, and enjoy all the benefits instantly.

Starting 2 A/Cs On A 30-Amp Power Pedestal.

In this video, Mike from demonstrates the use of a SoftStartUp™ device that allows for the efficient operation of multiple air conditioners in an RV.

He demonstrates that the SoftStartUp™ can be connected to the shore power, a generator or other power sources, and doesn’t require installation directly into the air conditioner unit.

Mike shows the testing process, recording voltage and current data, and highlights the ability of the SoftStartUp™ to power two 15K air conditioners simultaneously. He also mentions the versatility of the device, which can be used not only for RVs but also for powering houses in emergency situations.

Starting 2 A/Cs On A 3000-Watt Generator.

In this video, Mike demonstrates the new SoftStartUp™ unit helping two 15k BTU air conditioners to be powered by a 3000 watt generator.
This eliminates the need to install a single soft start device in each RV rooftop A/C unit.
He measures the starting amps, running amps and voltage of the 2 air conditioners, and demonstrates how the units work when a SoftStartUp™ is in the mix.
Mike speaks to the all new SoftStartUp™ exceeding expectations and it’s solid performance.

Starting A 15,000 BTU A/C On A 2000-Watt Inverter.

In this video, Mike demonstrates using a 2000 watt inverter, the Jackery Explorer 2000, with a SoftStartUp™ to successfully start and run a Truma Aventa 15,000 BTU air conditioner.

He explains that the SoftStartUp™ eliminates the need for rooftop installation, and can be plugged into various power sources, including 15, 30, or 50 amp power sources.

Mike also shows that the inrush current needed to start the A/C is reduced to 26.6 amps, about 50% down from the typical 50-60 amps needed to get the A/C going. He highlights the effectiveness of the SoftStartUp™ and notes how innovative the product is.

Starting 1 A/C On A 2200-Watt Generator.

In this video, Mike tests the SoftStartUp™ with a Honda 2200 inverter generator and a Truma 15,000 BTU Aventa air conditioner.
He shows the real-time current draw, voltage, and inrush current, highlighting how the SoftStartUp™ significantly reduces inrush current, helping the generator avoid tripping.
The SoftStartUp™ works quickly and effectively. Overall, the device proves to be a great solution for managing the power supply of RV air conditioners and other appliances.

SoftStartUp™ Advanced RV A/C Soft Starter
Easy to install, Easy to Use.

An innovative breakthrough in powering your RV, the SoftStartUp™ soft starter works with either 50-amp or 30-amp power sources with features unlike any other soft starter today.

The only plug and play
soft start device proven 
to start 2 A/C units on low power.

Smoother, reduced amperage A/C startups extend A/C compressor life.

The only soft start device
proven to start 1 A/C
unit on a 2000 watt inverter!

Compatible with, and optimizes all RV power sources.

Experience Freedom in Complete Comfort With Unmatched SoftStartUp™ Multi-Purpose Performance

  • Starts 2 RV A/Cs on a 50-Amp or 30-Amp Power Pedestal
  • Starts 2 RV A/Cs on a 3000-Watt Generator
  • Starts 2 A/Cs with a 3000-Watt Solar Inverter
  • Starts 1 A/C on a 2200-Watt Generator
  • Starts 1 A/C on a 2000-Watt Solar Inverter
  • Starts Multiple RV Appliances Simultaneously
  • Plug-in Ready – No Installation or Wiring
  • Portable – Just Unplug It And Use On Another RV
  • Anti-Theft Lock Loop Secures Device to Power Source
  • Water- & Fire Resistant Case
  • Free 30-Amp to 50-amp Power Adapter
  • Designed and Assembled in USA
  • 1-Year Manufacturer’s Replacement Warranty
  • 90-Day Trial – Love It or Return It
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Shipping in the USA & Canada.

Plug & Play, Easy To Use Operation

The LED lights on the front of the SoftStartUp™ module indicate the power status on a 30-amp or 50-amp connection.

  • Plug SoftStartUp™ into your power supply.
  • Allow the diagnostic function to check the power source.
  • LED lights will flash to indicate that the voltage input is satisfactory.
  • Plug the RV power cord into SoftStartUp’s receptacle.
  • If the RV requires a 30-amp connection, use the FREE 30-amp dog-bone adapter that is included in your SoftStartUp™ package. 
  • Relax and enjoy the cool air and use of more appliances in your RV.

Technical Specifications

 Model number:SSUP50
 Voltage:120V/240V, 50 Amps: 60 Hz
120V, 30 Amps: 60 Hz
Amp. Rating50 Amps
Power Consumption:< 1 Watt
Max. Ambient Temperature122ºF (50ºC)
 Dimensions:28.0”h x 6.37”w x 2.35”d (71 cm × 16 cm × 6 cm)
 Weight:2.5 lb. (1.13 kg)
  Warranty:One-year limited warranty (standard)
 In the Package:SoftStartUp soft start controller
50-amp to 30-amp adapter
Specifications are subject to change without notice. 


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SoftStartUp™ Advanced Plug & Play RV A/C Soft Starter

Every SoftStartUp™ comes with:

  • FREE Bonus: 50-amp to 30-amp adapter cable to use with 30-amp power sources
  • FREE 90-day “Love It or Return It” trial period
  • FREE shipping in the USA and Canada
  • Instructions and World Class, USA-Based Tech Support, if needed
  • One-year warranty.

User Stories

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