Run Your RV on Less Power Without Climbing on the Roof with Tony & Peggy Barthel

SoftStartUp: Run Your RV on Less Power Without Climbing on the Roof

Featuring Tony and Peggy Barthel from the StressLess Camping Podcast.

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Meet Tony and Peggy

Tony Barthel, a writer and blogger and content producer who focuses on the RV space, first developed an interest in the RV world from a young age, while attending the Los Angeles County Fair with friends. For several years He worked at an RV dealership in Northern California – Redwood Empire RVs.

Peggy believes that camping is in her blood. From a young age, her mom would load Peggy and her siblings into the station wagon and tow the little Cardinal trailer to the mountains or the desert. She continued camping as an adult, working for a travel trailer manufacturer and camping in a tent, or even in the back of her SUV. Tony and his wife, Peggy, created a podcast to help RVers become a StressLess Camper, like themselves.

The Podcast

Doug Curtis and Mike Sokol of SoftStartUSA were recently featured on the StressLess Camping Podcast and got the opportunity to share details on the latest SoftStartUSA product: the SoftStartUp™ Advanced A/C SoftStarter for RVs. Here is a blog on the highlights of the SoftStartUp and its advantages and features that were discussed on the podcast.  

Revolutionizing RV Power: Introducing the Plug-n-Play Soft Starter Solution. In the world of RVing where comfort meets adventure, innovations that simplify life on the road are always welcomed with open arms. The SoftStartUp Advanced A/C Soft Starter  is a groundbreaking new product that transforms how RVers manage their power needs without the hassle of a complex rooftop installation. Join us as we explore the SoftStartUp Plug-n-Play solution – a game-changer in the RV industry.

Features and Benefits

  • Simplified Installation: Unlike traditional methods that require rooftop installations, SoftStartUp plugs directly into a 50-amp power source, eliminating the need for complex wiring.
  • Reduced Power Demands: By reducing startup power demands by up to 50%, SoftStartUp ensures efficient operation of critical appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators, even when off-grid.
  • Extended Appliance Lifespan: SoftStartUp protects A/C compressor windings from overheating during startups, ultimately extending the lifespan of the appliance.
  • Versatile Usage: Portable and adaptable, SoftStartUp can be easily transferred between RVs or used with home backup generators during emergencies.

Doug and Mike: The Minds Behind the Innovation

The Birth of an Idea 

Doug Curtis, not just an inventor but a visionary in the RV community, introduces us to the SoftStartUp. Born out of a simple idea from a friend, this product aims to make running multiple appliances in an RV as effortless as plugging into a power source.

From Concept to Reality 

Five years in the making, and overcoming challenges like parts shortages and engineering hurdles during the COVID pandemic, Doug’s vision evolved into a team effort involving several engineers, including meticulous testing by Mike Sokol, electronic controls advisor to SoftStartUSA, who is known in the RVing community as Mr. RV Electricity. 

What Does SoftStartUp Actually Do? 

Mike breaks down the technology: Designed to tackle the notorious in-rush current surge when starting devices like air conditioners, refrigerators and heat pumps, this device reduces those  power spikes. It ensures that even on limited power sources like generators or 30-amp pedestals, RVers can run their A/C.

Understanding the Technology

The Science Behind SoftStartUp

SoftStartUp identifies and reduces high current events during start-up. This helps prevent overloads that commonly trip circuit breakers or overload generators. This innovation is not limited to air conditioners as it extends its benefits to various high-demand appliances, making it versatile for most any RV setup.

Practical Advantages for RVers

SoftStartUp‘s invention eliminates the need for installing a soft starter into each RV rooftop air conditioner. Instead, it plugs directly into existing power sources. So only one SoftStartUp is needed even if the RV has more than one air conditioner.  It is also a portable solution that can move from RV to RV or even be used at home with a backup generator during power outages.

Real-World Applications and Future Possibilities

User-Friendly Features

Highlighted by Doug and Mike, the device is easy to use – simply plug it in and begin running your A/Cs on 50 amp power. The easy installation makes the SoftStartUp product accessible to RVers of all skill levels.

Versatility in Action

Mike’s testing showcased the SoftStartUp plug-n-play’s capability to power multiple air conditioners simultaneously on a single 50-amp supply or adapt to split-phase setups for two separate RVs. Its potential applications extend beyond leisure camping to disaster preparedness, supporting critical devices like medical equipment during power emergencies.

Redefining RV Power Management

By addressing longstanding challenges with a user-friendly solution, Doug, Mike and their team have enhanced comfort and convenience for RVers and opened new possibilities for disaster readiness and off-grid living.

Whether you’re gearing up for a summer road trip or preparing for unforeseen power disruptions at home, the SoftStartUp stands ready to revolutionize how to better manage your power options. 

In the evolving landscape of RV technology, this product is more than just an upgrade – it’s a testament to the power of ingenuity and collaboration with real-world RVers. Join the movement towards smarter, simpler RV power solutions with the SoftStartUp Advanced A/C Soft Starter.

Instant Gratification

From the moment you open your package, the benefits of SoftStartUp™ are at your fingertips. There’s no waiting for complicated installations or costly service center appointments. With SoftStartUp™, you’re equipped with the world’s highest-reviewed RV soft starter, ready to enhance your RVing experience from day one.

Experience the future of RV air conditioning with SoftStartUp™. Say goodbye to climbing roofs, deciphering wiring, and costly installations. With SoftStartUp™, starting and running your A/C units and appliances has never been easier.

Plug-in and play

The SoftStartUp device represents a significant advancement in RV technology. With its ability to reduce startup power demands, enhance appliance performance, and extend lifespan, it’s a must-have for any RV enthusiast. Thanks to innovators like Mike Sokol and the team at SoftStartUSA, RVers can enjoy greater comfort and convenience on their travels.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Funk Works Lab as we continue to explore cutting-edge solutions for RV electricity. Until next time, happy trails!

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