SoftStartUp Revolutionizes RV Air Conditioning

SoftStartUp Revolutionizes RV Air Conditioning

The SoftStartUp product works unlike any other device, without the hassle of installation

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Understanding SoftStartUp Technology

In the realm of RV electricity, innovation is a constant pursuit. Today, we delve into a groundbreaking technology that promises to transform the way we think about powering air conditioning units. Hosted by Mike Sokol, also known as Mr. RV Electricity, we explore the revolutionary SoftStartUp product and its potential to redefine energy efficiency in the RVing world.

The ability to fire up your RV’s air conditioner without the hassle of climbing onto the roof is within reach. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, with the new SoftStartUp technology, it’s not just a dream – it’s a reality. This innovative device eliminates the need for direct connection to your air conditioner, instead seamlessly integrating into your shore power cord, generator, or pedestal, making it incredibly convenient and accessible for RVers of all levels.

How Does It Work?

In Mike Sokol’s testing at the Funk Works Lab, he’s been putting a soft start-up unit through its paces, connected to a standard 30 amp receptacle. This remarkable unit boasts both 50 amp input and output capabilities, meaning it can handle the power demands of even the most robust RV air conditioners with ease.

Testing and Results

In Mike Sokol’s testing at the Funk Works Lab, he’s been putting a SoftStartUp unit through its paces, connected to a standard 30 amp receptacle. This remarkable unit boasts both 50 amp input and output capabilities, meaning it can handle the power demands of even the most robust RV air conditioners with ease.


Comparing With Traditional Solutions

SoftStartUp is not just another gadget; it’s a game-changer. Developed to minimize the power demand during the startup phase of appliances with high inductive loads, such as air conditioners and microwave ovens, this innovative technology slashes startup power demand by up to 50%. But what does this mean for RVers and homeowners alike?

What sets SoftStartUp apart from traditional solutions? It’s all about simplicity and versatility. By connecting the unit to your pedestal, you can tap into a full 50 amp supply, empowering you to run additional appliances and devices concurrently without fear of overload. And for those with 30 amp outlets, fret not – the SoftStartUp comes complete with a handy dog bone adapter, ensuring compatibility and flexibility in a variety of scenarios.

Power Up More Appliances

Because SoftStartUp cuts the inrush current of all “hard-starting” appliances by 50% (such as air conditioners, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc.), the RV’s main power won’t trip off when these appliances start while others are operating. Water heaters, coffeemakers, lights, hair dryers and entertainment centers will keep running because of SoftStartUp’s unmatched 30-amp power management technology.

Rely on Total RV Surge Protection and Power Monitoring

Nobody knows when lightning or any other electrical disaster may strike. But RVers know that when it hits an unprotected RV, that disaster can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair costs.

To prepare RVers for such calamities, the SoftStartUp module features a built-in surge protector that handles up to 2100 joules. Without having to buy a separate surge protector, SoftStartUp offers RVers as much protection as possible to help you avoid potential electrical damage. 

As important as surge protection is in safeguarding your entire RV, the SoftStartUp also includes power monitoring technology that lets you easily track and evaluate power usage through a mobile app. Its diagnostic circuitry protects an RV’s electrical system by automatically checking for properly powered outlets. 

Other benefits include current overload protection, under voltage protection, and recording total usage – all to assure that you have all the information you need for complete RV electrical power management.

Avoid Two RV Power Problems

A/C Power Interruption – Especially at start-up, an A/C that normally runs on 12-13 amps can require a spike of 61 starting amps to get going. If there is not enough power to handle A/C start-up and run other appliances, you can lose power to everything.

Surge Protection – When an RV is connected to campground, household or other electrical service, the RV is subject to unexpected surges that can occur due to utility provider issues, weather, or other circumstances. As a result, many RVs can be one power surge or lightning strike away from an expensive trip to the appliance replacement store.

Previous remedies for these two issues included multiple devices: larger generators or A/C add-on products to increase or alter the power needed to start air conditioning; and a surge arrestor to protect against electrical power surges. 

In the case of most any A/C soft start product, this also required additional time and expense of wiring and installing the device on the RV rooftop. 

Through world-class innovation and engineering, the new SoftStartUp all-in-one soft starter and surge protector solves all these issues with the industry’s only complete “plug & play” solution.

As Easy As Plugging In A Hair Dryer

With the breakthrough, all-in-one SoftStartUp Soft Start and Surge Protector, there is no easier way to eliminate low-power RV A/C starting problems AND protect and manage the RV’s electrical system and appliances. Do it all in one game-changing play – with SoftStartUp.

In essence, the SoftStartUp represents a significant leap forward in RV technology, offering all the benefits of traditional soft start units with unparalleled convenience and ease of use. With its plug-and-play design and robust capabilities, it’s a must-have addition to any RVer’s arsenal, ensuring a seamless and stress-free camping experience wherever your adventures may take you.

Get Your SoftStartUp Today!

Travel in comfort with the SoftStartUp, the first RV AC unit accessory that requires no installation. Run your A/C unit at 70% less power on startup just by plugging the SoftStartUp device into a power socket. You can also power luxury devices like hair dryers, microwaves, and coffee makers. 

SoftStartUP runs your A/C unit when plugged into a power socket. It is the quickest and easiest way to get your A/C Unit or heat pump up and running. 

Visit our website to find out more about the SoftStartUp device and why it might be right for you. 

Don’t wait for comfort to find you. Buy the SoftStartUp and enjoy the ride, wherever your RV takes you. 

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